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Educator Wellbeing Workshops











Drawing upon nearly two decades of rich experience in the field of education, Katherine McGregor has seamlessly navigated various roles, including educator, behaviour coach, wellbeing leader, and social worker. This extensive journey has endowed her with a profound insight into the myriad challenges encountered by educators on a daily basis. Through her expertise, educators are guided towards effectively managing these challenges, cultivating resilience, and identifying personal barriers. The inception of Educator Wellbeing Workshops stems from Katherine's wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. These workshops serve as a collective reservoir of her wisdom, offering educators a transformative journey towards finding solutions and embracing skills to mitigate compassion fatigue and prevent burnout. Embrace the opportunity to thrive alongside fellow educators in these empowering workshops.

Please contact us if you have any questions or click here to book into a workshop. 

“I attended this workshop to try and assist with staff wellbeing at my school. The workshop has helped me by realising how far I’ve come, how much I have been working on my wellbeing and actions steps for the next step”


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