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Prioritising Educator Wellbeing is vital in creating a supportive and positive environment for all staff and students. With greater expectations, more challenging behaviours and higher value being set on results, educators are burning out quickly and, unfortunately, more are leaving the teaching profession for good.

Educator Wellbeing Workshops are designed to impact each individual in the space through a solution focussed approach. This is a unique experience and one created to support the incredible individuals in our schools and give them the opportunity to remain in challenging roles with a stronger capacity for resilience, reduced stress, and better work/life balance. The strategies and skills adopted not only enhance professional lives but also benefit personal lives as well, which is incredibly important when it comes to a healthy and balanced wellbeing.

In addition to being tax deductible, all workshops count towards annual professional development. Face to face workshops are fully catered for including morning tea, lunch and access to coffee and tea throughout the day. 


As a Department of Education  preferred supplier, all prices have already been adjusted to include the discount given to Queensland educators.

  • 280 Australian dollars
  • 280 Australian dollars
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